Oshadhi 精油陸續上架

28 Feb

Oshadhi是世界上唯一一個供應豐富完整精油產品的公司,有超過550種的單方精油提供給顧客。產品並不採用電磁機械,以避免損害植物的天然的優美精緻的品質。其創辦人,Dr.Matt Hozzel,與來自不同國家超過1000位農民合作,保證產品的純度和高品質。

良心企業,信心保證,正因如此,J's Aromatherapy 向大家誠意推薦這品牌的香薰治療產品並陸續上架,大家密切留意!

Oshadhi is the only company in the world that offers a wide range of essential oil products, with more than 550 single essential oils available to customers. The product does not use electromagnetic machinery to avoid damaging the natural and refined quality of the plant. Its founder, Dr. Matt Hozzel, works with more than 1,000 farmers from different countries to ensure the purity and quality of the products.

Conscience, confidence guarantee, for this reason, J's Aromatherapy sincerely recommend this brand of aromatherapy products and will be on the shelves. 

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