Oshadhi Cornflower Hydrolate (organic) 有機矢車菊花水 200ml

  • 類別︰ Flora Water 花水


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矢車菊花水加岩玫瑰花水混合使用,可消除眼部皺紋及令眼睛緊緻明亮。pH 4.7-5.0.

Adjust the weak skin, reduce redness and itching, especially effective for eye care. In addition to improving eye edema, anti-wrinkles, multi-eye gel and  eye gum, it can also relieve eye fatigue, especially eye fatigue caused by long-term reading and use of computers. In addition, it has a significant effect on acne and red eye. Contains phytohormones, avoid during first trimester of pregnancy. Doggies should diluted first for daily eyes cleaning.

Combine with rock rose water eliminates wrinkles in the eyes and makes the eyes firm and bright. pH 4.7-5.0.


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