Sunflower Oil organic 葵花籽油 100ml

  • 類別︰ Carrier Oils 植物油


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功效: 滋潤肌膚。 預防動脈硬化, 降低膽固醇。強化腸部的免疫力。對腳潰瘍, 瘀傷和治療皮膚 (青春痘, 粉刺) 有幫助。利尿性質, 袪痰。外用, 內服均可冷壓不得加熱。當中一種成份菊糖(inulin), 可使用哮喘治療上。

產地: 法國

Functions: Moisturizes skin, prevent arteriosclerosis and lower cholesterol. Strengthen the immunity of the intestines. Helpful for foot ulcers, bruising and treating skin (acne, acne). Diuretic properties is expectorant. For external use, the internal clothes can be cold-pressed and not heated. One of the ingredients, inulin, can be treated with asthma.

Origin: France